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Effective retrieval, screening, and mapping of patent and non-patent literature information is a challenging as well as time-consuming job.

Professional and trained patent searchers of DPA Solutions conduct comprehensive semantic, keywords, exact class code, full-text+class codes, citation, assignee, inventor, non-English and non-patent literature searches.

They carefully review search results and compare closest prior arts considering current patent laws. The following are some of the advantages of our services.

Data Security


We are committed to keep our client’s data strictly confidential and protected.

So, we follow/use

1. NDA & Liability Agreement

2. Firewall, Anti-Virus, Spam Filtering Programs

3. Clean Desk Policy

4. Security Monitoring

Global Coverage


We carefully choose databases based on the subject of search. For standard

cases, we use

1. Derwent Innovation

2. Derwent World Patents Index (DWPI)

3. Non-commercial Databases

4. Non-Patent Literature Databases

For special cases, we use cluster of STN databases

Quality Control

During the project, we update our clients at regular intervals. So, we share

1. A formal proposal

2. Interim report 1 (near 30% of analysis)

3. Interim report 2 (near 60% of analysis)

4. A Final report

We get client’s feedback & assist further at no fee

Customized Reports

We make customized reports based on our client’s needs. Our reports include

1. Well-written comments

2. Highlighted Relevant texts

3. Relevant images with notes

4. Reference comparison tables